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Questions & Answers 

So where are you guys located?

As a result of the global pandemic, we learned that there is a desire for teachers to teach music to children or adults in their own homes. This may be due to the fact that they are homeschooled, busy with their day-to-day routines (not to mention the parents’ schedules), or any other reason. We teach in students’ homes in all areas of our town and even in a few areas in Nuevo Laredo. 

So, the only option is for you to come to our home? 

No! We also teach online and in our own homes. For group classes we teach at a local place in town located in central Laredo. However, we are willing to create special music classes, for instance, for very large families with many kids or private groups of homeschoolers or for various religious communities in town that might want to have a special music appreciation class for their students.  

How many lessons can we have a week and for how long are the lessons?

The options are very broad and with the use of the internet we can have teachers in your home everyday via Zoom! However, practically speaking, a 1-hour-lesson a week is the norm for students that are not beginners or are 7 years of age and up. We also offer 45 minute lessons and for some 30 minute lessons. 

What is the price range and are there discounts?

Our prices are reasonable for this type of service and actually depend on the amount of classes desired. We do charge on an hourly basis so the cost is based upon how many hours a student will take, normally, in any given month. We do offer discounts for Motif students who enroll in our group classes and for students who take over a certain amount of hours weekly (this happens with large families or with kids who take more than 1 hour lesson a week). Email us for more information!!

How are you handling Covid?

We are handling covid the same way most businesses are. If you prefer for our teachers to wear a mask in homes we will of course do that. The exception is for group classes. Masks are required and we still will be practicing social distancing. 

Do students need their own instruments for private lessons?

It is essential for students to have instruments at home to work on their assignments and put in practice hours. Email us for more options for purchasing guitars. We have a sizing chart and suggestions for affordable instruments. Pianos are incredible instruments and we do not expect that most students will just have an acoustic piano at home. Acoustic pianos are the preferred option; however, the next best option would be a fully-weighted digital piano. We also have recommendations for starter pianos just send us an email! Any other instrument, the instructor will notify students and parents of requirements :)

How can we pay?

We currently are accepting credit card and Zelle payments. Clients will be sent an invoice monthly and are asked to pay by the 5th of the month or a late fee may be added.

Motif Studio Laredo

+1 (956) 750 - 7527

Laredo, TX. 78045, USA

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